The Company

Aces Tech Solutions S.A.S. is a company based in Paris, France and was founded in 2017. The main activities of the company are the following:

  • Conception of innovative software destined primarily to the financial industry
  • IT consultancy & formations

Aces Tech Solutions S.A.S. was created by its founders in an effort to solve the several IT problematics that they have been able to identify during their past experiences in the business environments they have worked within.

We strive to always reach high standards:

  • Expertise: Our core team is composed of complementary people with an extensive knowledge in varied subjects on a technical level but also on an organisational level. Our combined experience in top tier companies makes us understand the level of standards that our customers require.
  • Innovation: For each of the solutions that we offer, a lot of effort is put into ensuring that the right technology and the right design is used. We try to always stay in touch with current technologies and processes in order to consolidate the technical and functional edge of our solutions.
  • Bringing value: We understand that innovative technology should be used to bring value to our customers.
  • Reliability: We put a lot of efforts in making our tools as reliable as possible. Our development processes are rigorous and we always try to minimize the impact of our solutions to our client’s production environments.
  • Customer relationship & support: We believe our customers play a key part in making our solutions bring maximum value. We also understand that if something is not right for a customer we need to be reactive. As such we strive to make ourselves as available as possible for any type of query via our Customer Area.


You have an IT problematic that has been preventing you and your team from working efficiently. You believe a solution should exist but you don’t necessarily have the time or resources to implement it.

We’re here to help.


The Team


Alex AGBIDINOUKOUN is the director of Aces Tech Solutions S.A.S. After studying IT engineering in Paris, Alex was quickly drawn to the world of finance and started working for Société Générale in Paris. In 2009 he moved to London and worked in the field of the Market Data for top tier banks such  as Société Générale, Bank of America Merill Lynch and Credit Suisse. Alex comes from a highly technical background and during his many years of experience in the financial industry he has learned to put technical innovation at the service of bringing value to the business. Alex is responsible for all the design and development aspects of the Aces Tech Solutions software.