CIMS Module: Reuters Data

What is the Reuters Data Module?

The CIMS Reuters Data Add-on provides an additional set of features dedicated to managing Reuters Data notifications. It aims at providing all the benefits of the CIMS tool within your Reuters environment by providing interfaces with:

  • Reuters Data notifications
  • Reuters entitlement databases (DACS)

Reuters Data Add-on features

Reuters Data Changes

The starting point is the ability to import Reuters Data Notifications as a CIMS Change with extended fields. The additional information provided by the extended fields can then be used for a more accurate assessment of the Change impact.

Derived Watches

The Reuters Data Add-on adds a powerful feature called the Derived Watches. The idea is to make it easier for Perimeter Owners to define Watches by letting them define a general interest which will be converted in the background by the CIMS system to a list of more specific interests.

Specific Reporting

The Reuters Data Add-on adds a set of specific reporting that can be used for general information and even better decision making when assessing a Change impact.


For more information on the Reuters Data Module, please contact us.